Malaysian UK Life : The Sight of Snow!

It was in December and it felt strangely cold that night. Me and my other 5 housemates camped out in the living room, for the past 1 month, sharing the house central heating and studying together for the upcoming winter exam of our final year.

We were in the brink of giving up, until one of my housemates shouted “Snow!” and pointed her finger to the window.

That’s when I saw a speck of white fluffy ice ball falling from the sky, the one we’ve been waiting since forever. To see snow in Manchester is like waiting to find your true love, as Mancunians said. You have to be patient, put on high hopes and it took miracle for it to happen.

We wasted no time before grabbing our coats and scurrying out of the house. Seeing my first snow, it was beyond magical. The skies poured down more flakes which eventually covered the street in white.

It was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. We jumped up and down like monkeys, lie down on the street, built a hideous snowman, threw snowballs at each other and some of us even tried to eat the snow.

The funny thing was, we thought we are the only one who made so much noises in the quiet neighbourhood,not long before I heard someone from the next street shouting “malaysian main saljii ooii” and as I looked around, more doors were opened revealing more Malaysian students who were excited to enjoy the snow fest too. It was a like a small get-to-know your malaysian neighbour gathering. It was a memorable night.

Nurhani Razali


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