Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast

Just in case you don’t know, queen’s university Belfast is located in northern Ireland, UK. I’m sure at this point all the applicants have already undergone the interviews or maybe already know whether you’re accepted by the university or not. So here’s some information. Hope it would be helpful.


–          pass the interview. This year is the first batch which require passing the interview to get into QUB.

–          36 minimum points. At least 6 for each subjects- for IB STUDENT

–          ielts at least 7.0, gceo at least A2. [for this one it is advisable to recheck with the university since it might change]


–          most of the students here stay in private houses. Yet, there are still some students staying in hall or university houses. Well there are pros and cons in living in either one of them

–          HALL

the amount you pay is inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about freezing, paying the electric bills or heater bills. Plus, you’ll get so warm you don’t want to use your duvet

it is easier for you to get along with the local people or other international students here since you live in the same hall with them. Still, they can be really annoying when they’re partying. At 4 oclock in the morning with a class at 9 am coming up you might still be awake yet you can’t do anything to stop them

the kitchen might not be clean 24/7 since some people do not usually clean the kitchen after using them

you can get a room ensuite but it is quite too expensive for students, unless you’re so rich you need something to spend your money on. so in normal halls, you’ll need to share toilets and showers. Your neighbours’ partners might sleep in and one day you might find a guy/girl having shower in the shower.

Regardless of all the above, many students survived so do not worry if you decide to live in the hall.


–          PRIVATE HOUSE

The amount you pay is just for the house rent. Therefore, you will need to save on using the heater and the electric. Plus, it is freezing in some houses during winter even with the heater on.

How clean the kitchen, rooms, bathrooms etc are depends on you and your housemates =)

During the first few months you might spend a lot to settle down to buy all the duvets etc but that’s just for a few months. Don’t worry

It is easier to cook Malaysian dishes since there would be no one complaining we’re tumis-ing garlic etc. unless your housemates don’t like it

I live in a private house so my view might be biased. I would suggest that before choosing where to live, think of what you want first. If your priority is not freezing and getting to know people from other countries, then it is better to live in a hall.



for lectures, I would say that there would be tonnes of lectures in semester 1 for first year but during semester 2, there would be just a few lectures for a week.

There are tutorials usually once/twice a week. You’ll have to do some presentations.

There are practicals on histology once a week

During 1st sem, you rarely go into the dissection room. But for the 2nd sem, you’ll get to dissect 2 or 3 times a week.

We learn according to system. Eg respiratory etc

A good thing about the learning system is that we’ll get to meet patient starting from semester one. You’ll might feel awkward at first but it will certainly help in the long run because you’ll get used to it.

Furthermore, there’s OSCE. We learn clinical skills and can even do that on real people. Taking blood etc. if you’re lucky, u can even take your GP’s own blood (I’m lucky!)

–          In 3rd year, we’ll do attachment in hospitals assigned by QUB.

–          In 4th year, we’ll get attached to different specialties. Eg O&G. then we’ll get tested after around 6 weeks.

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