Warming the Soul (WTS) is a programme dedicated to clarifying Islam to the general public with the main goal of clarifying issues and misunderstandings that may lead to Islamophobia. This gives students a platform to communicate with non-Muslims about the true essence of Islam. This all the while exposing students to the significant role they play in solving the current crisis of the Islamic community.

The programme will culminate with a volunteer programme aimed at helping those deprived of shelter in Cardiff. This gives students an opportunity to communicate with the less fortunate around the city and understand the plight they face on a daily basis.

Activities such as selling food, a charity futsal tournament and many others will be held to assist in raising funds for the charity programme.

Warming the Soul will run from 14/11/15 (Sat) to 5/03/16 (Sat) with a large range of activities including exhibits to clarify Islam to the those who wish to come.

Stay tuned for more updates! 

warming the soul cardiff

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